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Ecotainable Solutions

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Afamia Elnakat, Ph.D., R.E.M.

Afamia Elnakat's work is dedicated to living sustainably while alleviating environmental impacts.  She utilizes her multidisciplinary knowledge and background in: engineering, biology, geology, chemical fate and transport, and water resources.  Afamia specializes in integrated approaches for assessing environmental policies and institutional barriers to facilitate cooperation among various entities. 


Afamia is published in data informatics utilizing big data analyses in the energy and water sector while coupling behavioral influence.  Her ultimate goal is bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and its application to environmentally sound public policy.


With her industry background in engineering consulting firms, and commitment to community initiatives, Afamia has gained experience in technical, political and socioeconomical aspects of resource management.


Afamia currently serves in multiple public committees and is recognized through resolution from the House of Representatives 79th Texas Legislature (H.R. No. 1085) for “…research concentrated on sustainable water resource management, the economic impact of water distribution and allocation, and bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and its application to environmentally sound public policy; demonstrating an unwavering dedication to bettering the lives of the individuals in her community and beyond...”


Passion is Contagious, so is Leading by Example…Finding Sustainability in Science, People, and Technology

Educational Background:

 About ME 

  • Ph.D. Environmental Science & Engineering - 2002  

"The Use of Symmetric Triangular Linear Fuzzy Regression in Investigating Transectoral and Transboundary Water Allocation.” NSF Scholar in Math and Engineering

  • ​M.S. Environmental Science - 1999

  • B.S. Environmental Science - 1997

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Our GOAL is to help you build a better future with ecotainable solutions. Our APPROACH to modern living allows us to balance economic realities and appropriate technologies with environmental and social responsibility.   


Our dynamic and comprehensive OUTCOMES will showcase your business' triple bottom line: your people, your goodwill to our planet and your economic impact.    

We will DELIVER the innovation, the passion and the multidisciplinary breadth of experience. You will bring the determination that there is always a better way.

  • Consulting & Professional 

  • Water Supply & Treatment 

  • Resource Optimization 

  • Emerging Contaminants

  • Ecosystem Toxicology

  • Data Analytics 

  • Syndicated Research 

  • Environmental Management

  • Urban & Rural Master Planning

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Low Impact Development

  • Public Health & Housing

  • Transportation

  • Design: Interior, Exterior & Agricultural

  • Community Participation

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewables

We are HUB Certified. Check us out at (Vendor ID 1462901740200)

Our Initiative: 

Ecotainable Communities is an initiative born from the need to develop communities and businesses more in tune with their surroundings without compromising their ability to be competitive, livable, equitable, and sustainable.


Ecotainable Communities

Building a Better Future with Ecotainable Solutions

Forest Trees
Beach Huts
Hands in the Soil
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Blueprint Design
Countryside Bike Ride

"We do not shy away from technology.  Technology provides the link to our high standards of living while allowing us to be responsible for the simple virtues of being a steward to our planet that we share with many other species." 

Our LOGO: 

Noctuam is the Latin for owls.  Owls are nocturnal species that are a symbol of wisdom in the modern era.  Owls contribute to a naturally balanced food chain by hunting rodents as prey.  

Our logo represents a close up of the right side of the owl’s face, look closer can you see it? 

Noctuam LLC Logo

Our “green” target is upstaged with an arrow pointing down representing “going back to the start” a song refrain made famous by Willie Nelson's cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist."

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